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What Does Firearm Industry Think of Smart Gun Hacks?

Smart guns are believed to be safer as compared to traditional weapons. Smart guns fire only when paired with a second piece of technology that identifies the shooter, like an electronic chip or a fingerprint.

According to supporters of smart guns, this type of weapons could stop accidental shootings or misfires. Law enforcement considers them quite useful since they can be used to prevent criminals from using stolen or misplaced guns. In fact, any technology can be hacked, and smart guns as well.

A hacker, whose pseudonym is Plore, hacked a model called the Armatix IPI. It’s designed to electronically pair with a smart watch so that only the person wearing the watch can fire it. User authentication is done through radio signals.

Plore hacked the gun by breaking the security features in 3 different ways First, he jammed radio signals in the weapon and watch so the gun couldn’t be fired. Second, he placed strong magnets next to the weapon so he could shoot the gun with no watch nearby. Third, he stopped the gun from firing. Plore created a device that emits the same 900 megahertz frequency of the gun and watch. His device confused the gun and watch and made them just useless.

According to Plore, the main reason why people are interested in smart guns is that it’s supposed only the owners can control this type of guns. In fact, it’s possible to fire the weapon without having the watch nearby.

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Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, notes their view on authorized user recognition technology being applied to a firearm doesn’t change. He further adds your product shouldn’t become available on the market before it’s really safe and reliable.

When it comes to firearms safety, the industry insider thinks that, eventually, every firearm ever made can be secured against unauthorized use beginning with a simple cable lock such as the ones included with new firearms and that NSSF distributes as part of their Project ChildSafe gun safety education campaign.

Project ChildSafe is the largest, most comprehensive firearm safety education program in the US. It was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms industry.