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Internet Of Things is Future of World

As you probably are aware, right now IoT is the most sultry point going on. We can’t envision what it is able to do. Future is IoT and a large portion of the open doors are still empty holding up to be snatched. On the off chance that you need to begin a startup then this could be one region. It has limitless development openings.

What is IoT

In the most basic terms, it is an association of everything to the Internet or machine-to-machine correspondence. For instance: 1. On the off chance that you are driving an auto and you got late by one means or another then the auto will itself message to the next gathering about your nearness. 2. You can set an alert in your versatile with the end goal that it will tell to your tea machine when you wake up. So envision if your icebox informing you concerning its wear and tear or your tea machine is requesting more sugar without anyone else. It’s basically similar to IRON MAN life.

Why we need it

Humans have very limited time, energy, accuracy and memory as compared to Computers. Moreover, most of us don’t want to waste our time in doing unimportant tasks. So IoT will make our devices interconnected so that one could guide another with minimal human interaction. We will reduce waste, loss and cost would be able to know when things needed replacing, repairing or recalling and whether they are fresh or past their best.

Now let us give you a very practical and real example. In 2009 Kota Chambal Bridge, Rajasthan was collapsed, killing many people, because steel rods were inadequate to handle to pressure. Now in the world of IoT, we can use smart rods that can tell us about its wear and tear or sensors equipped in cement to monitor stresses or cracks. It will alert us before a catastrophe. IoT is not limited to only technological advancements but it can even help drivers driving towards the bridge. These rods will detect it and communicate info. to the driver via wireless internet in one’s car. Once car knows there’s a hazard ahead, it will instruct the driver to slow down, and if the driver doesn’t, then the car will slow down for him.

How is it possible

It is actually possible through the IPV6 address. According to Steve Leibson, we can assign an IPV6 address to every atom on the surface of the earth, and still have enough addresses left to do another 100+ earths.” In simple words, we can easily assign an IP address to every “thing” on the planet. So when we can assign an IP address to almost everything then we can easily connect them to the Internet. Right?


Security is one the biggest issue. When billions of device are connected together, anyone who has access to your tea machine will have access to your entire network. Now imagine what possibly he could do with it. Especially hackers could drive you crazy.

Another major concern is data storage. With petabytes of data that all these devices going to produce will need storage and tracking. This massive storage needs new innovative techniques of data handling.